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What is Integrative Psychology?

      As an Integrative Psychologist one of my main directions in psychotherapy is helping clients realize (to make real) that their presenting complaints, or problems, are not sourced solely in their body. In helping them to come to this realization they have an opportunity to understand, and at least conceptualize the healing power of Spirit.

      Integrative Psychology is a science of looking at the triadic relationship of ego, self, and Spirit in a person. In this sense, science is experienced through the eyes of a psychologist helping individuals interpret their own spirituality and how spirituality can aid them. In this manner, psychology can be seen as transformational.

      From a perspective of transformation, integrative psychology is based in consciousness change, and fundamentally starts with changing an individual’s perception. This change of perception, or integration, starts in each moment by a realization of “I am”, meaning what is being observed, what is being experienced is  reality for the given moment. Then the next moment occurs and with it a renewed experience of being present to and embracing what this moment offers.

      Please take a look at the ensuing pages in my website to get an idea of how the science of integration may aid you in helping you become the person you want to become. Integration is not all about getting rid of those undesirable aspects of our behavior but using Spirit, integrating Spirit into our daily existences in order to help us become a new person.

         Some of our problems exist because we see problems and not solutions. One thing becoming solution centered means to me is that each psychic function doesn’t dominate the others into a dysfunctional condition. Balance is a key to our internal world, and as awareness of these four functions becomes more engaged, one thing balancing means is letting go of preconceptions and biases. Much of my work with clients revolves around helping them find their inner balance and thereby approach externals with confidence, calmness, and mindfulness.

One question I ask each client is this: do you know all there is to know about your "self" in any given moment. From an integrative perspective knowing begins with knowing "self", or as the Greeks intoned, "know thyself" . Self-knowledge is on step along an informational pathway leading to a clearer, more inclusive view of who you are.


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